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Oranges - Easy Peelers

There are several different varieties of 'easy peelers' which are available from October through May. The nickname "easy peelers" specifically includes mandarins and tangerines. They are a relatively small sized fruit, sweet tasting with a loose thin skin making them easy to peel. These are a convenient and popular snack with adults and kids.

Tangarines are available October through May. These typically reach their peak availability at Christmas time. This particular variety has a few small seeds in each segment.

Tangarine Availability

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Size: Colossal, Mammoth, Jumbo, Large, Medium, Small
Approximately 25-28lbs/carton, 72 cartons/pallet

Mandarins are available November through April. The three main varieties of mandarins are Satsumas (seedless), Honey Mandarins (seeded) and Royal Mandarins (seeded). These are smooth skinned, juicy and relatively sweet tasting.

Mandarin Availability

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Royal Mandarin
Size: 48/56/72/88/113/138/163
Pattern Pack (approx. 35-37lb), 63 ctns per pallet

Clementime / Murcott Mandarins
Sizing: 15/18/21/24/28/32/36/40/44
Approximately 5 lbs/cartons, 108 cartons/pallet

Specialty packs available on request.

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