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Plums are a round smooth-skinned sweet fruit with a flattish pointed stone. They vary in size, color and taste. Plums are rich in nutrients and generally have a sweet tart taste. The flesh is firm, juicy and mealy. The exterior skin is smooth with a natural waxy surface.

One of the unique things about plums is that there are so many varieties available. There are over 2000 varieties grown worldwide, and there are over 100 available in the United States.

Plums are classified into six general categories - Japanese, American, Damson, Ornamental, Wild and European/Garden—whose size, shape and colors vary. There are many varieties of plums to choose from within these categories. Plums are typically round in shape but they can also be oval or heart-shaped. Plums come in an array of colors including red, purple, blue-black, green or yellow with interior flesh in hues of yellow, green, pink and orange.

Plums are a very good source of Vitamin C. They are also a good source of Vitamin K, copper, dietary fiber, and potassium.

The most common package type for plums are:

  • Single Layer tray pack
  • Double layer tray pack
  • 28 lb. Volume Fill

Plum Availability

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