IPG - International Produce Group

Blueberries grow in clusters and range in size from that of a small pea to a marble. They are deep in color, ranging from blue to maroon to purple-black, and feature a white-gray waxy "bloom" that covers the berry's surface and serves as a protective coat. The skin surrounds a semi-transparent flesh that encases tiny seeds. Cultivated blueberries are typically mildly sweet, while those that grow wild have a more tart and tangy flavor.

Blueberries are very low in calories. 100 g fresh berries provide only 57 calories. In addition, they possess notable health benefiting plant-nutrients such as soluble dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, that contribute towards optimum health and wellness.  Blueberries may help prevent damage caused by cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's. Blueberries are thought to improve balance and coordination and help improve short-term memory.

Both conventional and organic blueberries are available year round depending on the different growing regions throughout the United States and Mexico.

Blueberries are typically packed in in either a 12 x 125g clamshell or a 12 x 170g clamshell.


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