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Asparagus are vegetables with long stems crested by premature flower buds. It is actually a member of the lily family. It is a hardy perennial and will produce for many years when properly planted and maintained. It has underground storage roots and compact stems called rhizomes. The rhizomes produce edible shoots or "asparagus spears."

Asparagus is available in a range of colors including green, yellow, purple and white and there are over 300 different varieties worldwide. While Mexico leads the production of asparagus in North America, California leads the production of asparagus in the United States with more than 50,000 metric tons harvested annually.

Asparagus was considered a medicine long before it was considered a food. Asparagus is a good source of the B-complex vitamins needed to produce energy and maintain the nervous system. According to the USDA, fresh asparagus is a good source of vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, and folic acid. It is a very low calorie vegetable and 100 g of fresh spears provides just 20 calories.

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