IPG - International Produce Group

Mangos are known as the  "king of the fruits." They are one of the most popular and nutritionally rich fruits. Containing over 20 different vitamins and minerals they are truly a superfood. Mangos have distinct flavor, fragrance and heath promoting qualities. They come in many different shapes and sizes depending upon the variety.

The outer skin is smooth and is green in un-ripe mangoes but turns to golden yellow, bright yellow or orange-red when ripened, depending upon the variety. Internally, the flesh is juicy, orange-yellow in color with numerous soft fibers attached to a centrally placed flat, oval-shaped seed. Mango flavor is pleasant and rich and tastes sweet, with a hint of mild tartness.

There are over 1000 different mango varieties worldwide. However, The Tommy Atkin, Haden, Keitt and Van Dyke remain the most popular varieties in North America.

One cup of mango is just 100 calories. They are especially high in vitamins A & C and folate, and are a good source of fiber.


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