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Honeydew is considered the sweetest of all the melons. Honeydew has a smooth, firm pale yellow colored skin with a sweet, pale green interior flesh. They have a round to oval shape and are somewhat larger than a Cantaloupe. Their skin turns from green to white to yellow as it matures. Honeydew melons range in weight from four to eight pounds. Once a melon is picked, it can no longer get any sweeter. When it is harvested determines how sweet the melon is. Vine-ripened melons picked at their peak maturity have the best flavor and highest sugar content.

Honeydews are a good source of vitamins A and C as well as potassium. They have a high water content and are relatively low in calories. Honeydews are also fat and cholesterol free.

They are best from June through October, but is available year round. 

Honeydew Availability

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